Our Printing Methods


We offer four major printing methods, each with different levels of durability (in terms of light, heat, and water resistance),

working time, and initial cost.

In addition to the printing method, the durability and cost differ according to the materials used as well,

depending on the type of paper and film.

We will propose the printing solution that is best suited to your application and requirements.

Sticker Printing

Used for labels for automobile manufacturers, special adhesive specifications.

Computer Printing

Low cost, suitable for orders as small as one item.

Silkscreen Printing

Stained-Glass Styling (Silkscreen)

Suitable for printing on film (PC polycarbonate, PET polyester), metal (aluminum, duralumin), and other materials.

Offset Printing

Multi-color printing is possible, and the printed colors are vivid.

Inkjet printing for print-and-cut items

Multi-color printing available for orders as small as one item. (Irregular shapes possible)